Tips & Care

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Tips on Proper Canvas Care


1.  Do not trailer your boat with canvas installed.
2.  Do not install your winter cover with canvas installed.
3.  Keep your canvas clean.

  • Try to hose of saltwater after every outing.
  • Clean with fresh water and mild soap every month or so depending on climate and use, to keep debris and dirt from setting.                
  • Canvas should be cleaned thoroughly every 3-5 years.
    Canvas Connection offers this service.

Tips on Cleaning Fiberglass

1.  Regularly rinse salt spray and debris.
2. Periodically clean with a soft cloth or old T-shirt (not paper towel) with mild
    soap and warm water.
3. Also clean with an Isenglass clear cleaner such as Klear to Sea or 210, both
​    sold at Canvas Connection.

TIPS for storing canvas

1.  When storing be sure all canvas is thoroughly dry to prevent mold and mildew.
2. Lay any panels flat with a towel in between to prevent zippers from lying on clear.